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I’m a Canadian encaustic artist living in Fergus, Ontario. My works are inspired by nature, found objects, words, and cityscapes. My most recent series “Urban Art” incorporates photographs that I’ve taken over a number of years. These are altered with mixed media and can include additional images I’ve taken and other collage elements. During my travels near and far I’m drawn to photographing murals and graffiti because they speak to me. My goal is to create pieces that tell a story, provoke thought or elicit emotion.

I create landscapes from a sense of place that pulls at my heartstrings. Close to home I am surrounded by natural beauty and it is something I seek when travelling. If someone thinks; “I’d like to be there”, when they look at one of these works, I’m thrilled.

My last group of works are eclectic. They have been inspired by rusty objects, old books, poetry or even a single word.  I’ve found that people will feel deeply when drawn to these works. The first piece I ever sold was from this group. The woman who purchased it was in tears. It was an amazing experience.

I want my art to draw from my view of the world and speak to the viewer at an emotional level.


Urban Art Series

This is a series I began in the summer of 2021. Murals and graffiti can tell such a range of stories – from playful alien encounters to raw images asking how someone can find a place to fit in. I hope you find these works intriguing.

Landscapes and Localities

It is such a joy to find beauty close to home or while on travels near and far. In every season there is a scene, building or single tree that can captivate us. Our surroundings speak to our heartstrings. Currently I only have a few completed works in this series. However, I usually have a work or two in progress.

Stories Behind Words and Other Musings

Old books, rusty bits, deconstructed watches, or a single leaf can plant an idea for a piece that I explore and play with on a whim. Enjoy!


Landscape Piece (SOLD)
Landscape Piece (SOLD)
Landscape Piece (SOLD)
Landscape Piece (SOLD)
Landscape Piece (SOLD)
Landscape Piece (SOLD)


To arrange a studio visit, enquire about encaustic classes, ask about a piece available for sale, or collaborate on a commissioned work please fill out the form below.

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